Batman Returns – What a Moving Service…

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #196, 16th January 2015Featured on HBO

So, Penguin finds out he’s really Oswald Cobblepot and goes to visit his dead parents. Sadly, since Tim Burton’s creepy Penguin was such a fat bastard, he bumps into a tombstone.

And the god damn thing moves. And then moves back into place. Ugh. Nice one, Tim.

Christopher George – Enter the Ninja

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #196, 16th January 2015Exquisite Acting

Following the epic “Bastards!”  scene was always going to be tough… but I think this death from Christopher George is a worthy successor!

Exquisite Acting – Lynda Day George

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #195, 9th January 2015Exquisite Acting

There’s only one word to sum up this piece of exquisite acting. You’ll have to watch the clip but.. I think its pretty obvious…


Jay Silent Bob Strike Back – Space Bar

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #195, 9th January 2015Featured on HBO

Silent Bob…one hell of a typist. In fact, he taught us everything we know. This entire post was written using only the space bar on our keyboard…

Exquisite Acting – Empire Strikes Back Trailer

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #194, 31st December 2014Exquisite Acting

What else is there to say? It’s an Epic of Romance. Deal with it!

Diamonds Are Forever – Wheely Awkward!

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #194, 31st December 2014Featured on HBO

This week Ralph and Kev visited one of the best known bloopers in Bond lore.
About 15 seconds into this clip, you’ll see the wheel of James Bond’s Moon Buggy getaway vehicle… minus the getaway vehicle… The wheels kept falling off during filming apparently… but fuck that noise. This Shit? Should not be!

Encino Man Driver’s Ed Scene

Submitted by: Chase (@TESDListener)Your Shit

“In the movie Encino man there is a scene where Link commandeers the Driver’s Ed car and Pauly Shore & Sean Astin’s characters dive into the car. At 1:13-1:14 of the attached clip you can clearly see the stuntman in the back seat look into the camera while Link is making a goofy face. I thought this was timely as the guys were just talking about the potential sequel on the most recent show.”

Nice work,Chase!

Santa’s Elves vs PETA – Birds Away!

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #192, 19th December 2014Featured on HBO

Ah, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. A family holiday classic… and thanks to HBO, we now know why there is that part of us that always laughed when that guy copped the Nerf Bat to the balls on Funniest Home Videos. We were raised to be sadistic. And it all begins with the Elf who took the bird that can’t fly, and pitched it out of Santa’s sleigh to its inevitable doom.

Watch both videos below, and you be the judge. Or like the Elf,be the judge, jury and executioner.

Merry Christmas all, and to all a Merry Christ-SPLAT!

Video 1: Island of Misfit Toys – Meet the bird who cannot fly!

Video 2: The Elf does something Shitty, that should not be…

Exquisite Acting – Harrison Ford – Star Wars Holiday Special

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #192, 19th December 2014Exquisite Acting

The much maligned Star Wars Holiday Special gave us our first look at Boba Fett, exposed us to the fruits of Chewbacca’s carnal labors, and? Gave us the performance of a lifetime from the one and only Harrison “I’m not even supposed to be here today” Ford.