Batman vs Darth Vader

This has nothing to do with Hollywood Babble-On, or Ralph and Kev. Although, I dare say once they see it? This thing is definitely going to be mentioned on the Podcast!

The beautiful bastards at Machinima just made a whole bunch of nerds and geeks very, machinimavery happy with their latest Super Power Beat Down. It’s the battle everyone has wanted to see, and now? It exists.

This wins the internet, people. Batman versus Darth Vader

“It’s as if a billion Fanboys simultaneously blew their wads, and were suddenly silenced…

We’re More Mobile, and Stuff…

Greetings, fellow humans and babble-buds!smashedscreen

After a bit of a fiddle around at about 12:30am… visiting should now be 107% prettier on a mobile device, like your iPhone, Android or (pfft) Nokia (giggle) handsets or tablets or whatever the hell you crazy kids ‘surf the net’ with these days.

Hopefully you notice the difference and like it. If not… well… TS, I guess…

Peepin’ at the Road House…

Marc T sent us this one from the 1989 masterpiece, Road House.Your Shit

“…I been listening to HBO from the get go (via podcasts) and I don’t recall this one being sent in yet….either or It was one of them nights when literally nothing else was on except for roadhouse.   So I am kind of half watching it but I did notice just before the end credits there is a quick skinny dipping scene…..Is that Old man Emmet watching them in the background?  He’s not hiding behind a tree, so I guess everybody was getting naked in front of him.

My apologies for Swayzes ass and your welcome for the quick shot of kellys boobs.

Thanks for all the free funny

Marc T”

Thanks, Marc.

… a what in her what, now?!?

Site visitor and Babble-On fan David submitted this gem – we just had to ‘get it up’… on the site. Pun totally intended! He wrote –

“I don’t know if this counts as “shit that should not be” but involves the great WILLIAM H. MACY in Boogie Nights…. listen to what he says and you be the judge.

Be well,

David Caraballo”

Enjoy, Kids. And keeps those asses out of your cocks!

Moon on the Ocean…

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #185 – 17th October 2014Featured on HBO

Sure, we all watched Baywatch to see some sweet ass, but… not like this, folks. Not… not like this.

Check Mate, Ace-Hole

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #183 – 26th September 2014Featured on HBO

So, this one you’ll need to watch closely. Keep an eye on the chess board in this scene. While you can,at least. Is it surprising that the cinematic masterpiece that is “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls” has such an embarrassing continuity error? No. But it’s still fun to see. And to point and laugh. Alllllllllllrighty then…. enjoy!

Update! Sort of…

Oh, look! A website!

Yeah, I know. It’s been like… A year or just over since we updated this site. It’s slack and lame and very Green Lanterny of us.

That being said, the time has come to get caught up.

So over the next few weeks, our army of highly trained Chinese former-apple assemblers will be forced…um… I mean encouraged… To get us up-to-date.

We’ll be starting with all the Shit That Should Not Be… Then, the Exquisite Acting… And then we’ll be going through the backlog of Shit submitted by you kind folks… And there’s ALOT… So kudos for the stick-to-it-iveness displayed…

Anyhoo, Shit will be happening. It won’t be fast, but we will get there.

Get your cocks out and whatnot.

From Us.

Jack Nicholson – “…Indians…”

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #89 – 8th July 201Exquisite Acting

The seemingly immortal (and possibly undead) Jack Nicholson in ‘Easy Rider’… having some… breakfast, let’s call it. Wait’ll you getta load of this… (couldn’t resist)