Spock On Bilbo Baggins (Not Porn/Fan-Fic)

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #79 – April 15th 2012Featured on HBO

Given the recent, untimely and saddening passing of this entertainment legend, we thought it might be a nice tribute to repost this one. We’ve also included perhaps his finest performance from Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan. Rest in Peace, Mr Nimoy. And Thank You. LLAP.

Space… the final frontier… is where this clip belongs. Leonard Nimoy, or Spock to Star Trek folks, shows his money grabbing whorish side by inexplicably singing the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

While super-geeks everywhere aggressively skeet while pondering a Lord of the Rings/Star Trek crossover, you can watch this video which, despite not being from a movie, seems to sum up what Shit That Should Not Be is all about.

The Dark Knight Rises – Marion Cotillard

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #202, 22nd February 2015Exquisite Acting

When I die, I hope I have such an impressive, seizurey spasm type… uh… thingy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – End of Days

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #201, February 13th 2015Exquisite Acting

This movie should have been amazing. Arnie vs the Devil? I mean… come on! And yet… we got this…

The Rescuers – “This Frame Needs More Titties!”

UPDATED: Featured on Hollywood Babble On #199, 6th February, 2015Featured on HBO
Submitted by Donavon Delisle (aka DonavonD) back onĀ Oct 23, 2011

Ralph and Kev highlighted this Shit in their latest epidsode – but DonavonD presented it to us here at shitthatshouldntbe.com back in October, 2011… took 4 years, but they finally got there!!!

The Rescuers is a Disney film about Mice who rescue shit. Im assuming other Mice, mostly. Possibly vegetables. Who knows.

Anyhoo, during some kind of fast moving scene, The “Masterpiece Collection” edition of the film included something which, for me at least, rescued this flick from never being seen…

16 Blocks – Is this the iPhone 7?

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #198, 30th January 2015Featured on HBO

16 Blocks, about a really bad commute, includes a little ride on a bus. The woman on the bus really needed to make a call. So much so, she apparently used magic, and/or her imagination…

“Hello? Hello?! God damn it… terrible reception here!”